“The Face of Anonymous”: A Robin Hood at Hot Docs

We have seen it on film, stories and unfortunately have experienced it. You remember Robin Hood who in your childhood was a thief and a highwayman. Rob from the rich to feed the poor! You have been rooting for Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. in “Oceans Eleven”. According to the law these people were all criminals but in some cases they had a moral purpose or cause you could admire.

One interesting question you may wrestle with in this fascinating behind the scenes look at Anonymous and Commander X (Christopher Doyon) a key player in the hacktivist network Anonymous. In many cases they fight corrupt big governments and corporations so their exploits can been seen in a high moral fashion. You are certainly entitled to this opinion and I’ll support you in many of their hacks.

But before you take sides have you ever been hacked, held for ransomware, had your website taken down or had your personal information hacked and if so how do you feel about it? How about the Spanair crash in 2008 killing 154 which may have been caused by malware?

Sorry for the digression.

“The Face of Anonymous” is a fascinating look at Anonymous and Doyon. Doyon had an unhappy childhood somewhat rescued by his love of computers even building one from scratch as a child. He then drifted into the realm of political dissent and banded together with other to form Anonymous and play a crucial role in their hacking attacks. Pursued by police and the FBI he found political refuge in Mexico after staying in Toronto.

His hacks on Scientology were met by stiff and skilled resistance. Knowing Scientology you may say they deserved a hit but the Epilepsy Foundation of the United States?

Doyon is a character! Is he in it for politics or for the fun of it? I think a bit of both. It is unfortunate though that criminal hacking to steal money from you certainly does not make a hacker Robin Hood.

Well made 87-minute Canadian documentary directed by Gary Lang and Ian Thornton as film subject/co-producer.

The film is part of Toronto’s Hot Doc Festival and all films are geoblocked so are only available to those in Canada.

The film is available for streaming on April 29th and ticket information is here https://boxoffice.hotdocs.ca/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=141663~367cbc04-eb03-453a-90f8-88ca48c4cf79&epguid=9759e3f1-085c-4e15-88c2-e02a8ee1f1d1&

Published by Robert K Sephen (CSW)

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