RKS Film: “Acid Test”: Me Me vs. Me Me

Jenny (Juliana De Stefano) is in her last year of high school in Texas living with her father Jack (Brian Thornton), mother (Mia Ruiz) and younger brother. Jenny is squeaky clean, perhaps a bit too squeaky clean to be a follower of a feminist rock band Riot Grrrl and drop her first tab of acid.Continue reading “RKS Film: “Acid Test”: Me Me vs. Me Me”

RKS Film: “Madeleine Collins”: Back to My Roots Mon! Demain Le Fin De Monde!

I owe a debt to Demain Le Fin De Monde! Growing up in Montreal as an anglophone I watched French television which meant nifty French cinema on late Friday and Saturday nights. Hollywood was banal while French cinema was compelling because unlike Hollywood trash it was more complicated and almost always tinged with a bitContinue reading “RKS Film: “Madeleine Collins”: Back to My Roots Mon! Demain Le Fin De Monde!”

RKS Film: “Perfecting the Art of Longing”: Locked in an Eternal Prison

Rabbi Ronnie Cahana suffered a brainstem stroke in 2011 rendering him a quadriplegic. For 9 years he has been bedridden with slow speech. Rabbi Cahana was a family man. He was a scholar, poet and community leader and then the stroke. Institutionalized requiring round the clock care in a Montreal long term care facility heContinue reading “RKS Film: “Perfecting the Art of Longing”: Locked in an Eternal Prison”

RKS Film: “Good Life”: Entrepreneurs Hustling Entrepreneurs!

Remember that famous phrase of P.T. Barnum, “There is a sucker born every minute.” In the documentary “Good Life” there are many youthful suckers born. Take your choice of treating the film as a serious look into the minds of young entrepreneurs or a comedy exploring the gullibility of Musk and Branson wannabes. Many callContinue reading “RKS Film: “Good Life”: Entrepreneurs Hustling Entrepreneurs!”

RKS Film: “Banksy Most Wanted”: Where is He/Them?

“Banksy Most Wanted” delves into the search for graffiti artist Banksy known only by a few and an expert at identity avoidance through use of false news stories and the loyalty of the few who do know him.  There is the possibility as well that Banksy may be a grouping of individuals. As Banksy says,Continue reading “RKS Film: “Banksy Most Wanted”: Where is He/Them?”

RKS Film:“We Are The Thousand”: A Delightful Escape From Documentary Depression Rocking with The Foo Fighters

I have finished reviewing some 24 documentaries over 60 days for two film festivals, Toronto Hot Docs and Earth X. 80% of those were depressing dealing with genetic manipulation, child abuse, politically sanctioned murders, deforestation, pig feces overflow etc. After this down ride I welcomed “We Are The Thousand” which is crammed with good cheer,Continue reading “RKS Film:“We Are The Thousand”: A Delightful Escape From Documentary Depression Rocking with The Foo Fighters”

RKS Film: Toronto Hot Docs Winner “Eternal Spring”: The Rise of Animation in Documentaries

The Canadian documentary “Eternal Spring” may be a watershed documentary with its use of animation to tell the story of the Falun Gong “hijacking” of Chinese State television in Changchun, China on March 5, 2002. Changchun was the birthplace of Falun Gong which is a “spiritual” practice pointing out a clear path to elevating yourselfContinue reading “RKS Film: Toronto Hot Docs Winner “Eternal Spring”: The Rise of Animation in Documentaries”

RKS Film: “Battle for The Heart of Texas”: Megacorp’s Destructive Power

The Earthx Film Festival running in Dallas Texas from 11-15 May presents” Battle for the Heart of Texas”. The battle may be fought in the heart of Texas from a geographic perspective but emotionally it affects the hearts of Texans proud landowners in mostly remote areas who see their property and hearts ripped asunder byContinue reading “RKS Film: “Battle for The Heart of Texas”: Megacorp’s Destructive Power”

RKS Film: “Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan”

“Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Kahn” weaves an interesting narrative into spectacular cinematography. On second thought it may be that the cinematography in this documentary directed by Robert H. Lieberman ascends the narrative. I don’t take this as a negative as who says the narrative must be more important than the cinematography? The documentaryContinue reading “RKS Film: “Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan””

RKS Film: “Coextinction”: Humanity on the Edge

The EarthX Film Festival in Dallas Texas will be showing both in Cinema and virtually “Coextinction” a Canadian documentary focusing on the impending extinction of Southern Resident Killer Whales and then veers off to examine why many of these whales appear to be suffering from starvation and disease. There remain 74 of them in theContinue reading “RKS Film: “Coextinction”: Humanity on the Edge”