RKS 2023 Wine: Can’t Go Wrong Carménère from Chile?

While Malbec may be Argentina’s signature wine Carménère may be Chile’s although why peg a country having a signature wine? It just might create stereotypes. Look at New Zealand’s “signature wine” Sauvignon Blanc. Yet should it eclipse Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Merlot from New Zealand? What I can say so far this yearContinue reading “RKS 2023 Wine: Can’t Go Wrong Carménère from Chile?”

“The Penniless Pensioner: Misaligned, Maligned but Marvellous”: Chapter 52: Back to New York to Work with Bernie Maggot

It took two years out of my life with the class action lawsuits resulting from the “disturbances” at the Queen Fairy Hospital for Veterans and the Mugless Mental Hospital. The biggest victory was against the United States Government for conducting covert LSD experimentation on certain Mugless patients. The judgment was for $120 million USD dividedContinue reading ““The Penniless Pensioner: Misaligned, Maligned but Marvellous”: Chapter 52: Back to New York to Work with Bernie Maggot”

RKS Literature: What is Love?

“Love is simply itself, both as a subtle affirmation of life and as the highest passion: love is our sympathy with organic life, the touchingly lustful embrace of what is destined to decay-caritas is assuredly found in the most admirable and most depraved passions. Irresolute? But in God’s good name, leave the meaning of loveContinue reading “RKS Literature: What is Love?”

RKS Literature: The Russian Kiss

“It was one of those Russian kisses, the sort that are exchanged in that vast, soulful land at high Christmas feasts, as a token and a seal of love. But even as we record this kiss exchanged between a notoriously ‘subtle’ young man and a charming, slinking, and still equally young woman, we cannot helpContinue reading “RKS Literature: The Russian Kiss”

RKS 2023 Wines: An Aussie Barossa Blast?

Barossa Valley wines are seldom tame. Most often they are concentrated and bold and every once and awhile can be most enjoyable. But isn’t that true of most wines. Different wines constantly rotated should be the name of the game unless you are stuck in a rut and happy as a pig in mud withContinue reading “RKS 2023 Wines: An Aussie Barossa Blast?”

RKS 2023 Wines: Zealie Pinot Noir: A Friendly Giant!

There is much high-quality Pinot Noir emanating from New Zealand but as usual here in Ontario we see very little of it. As we have in British Columbia and in Ontario some very decent Pinot Noir we needn’t cry too much. But on occasion why not dip our feet in a different pond and weContinue reading “RKS 2023 Wines: Zealie Pinot Noir: A Friendly Giant!”

RKS 2023 Film: “Scrap”: The Anatomy of a FU

“Scrap” can be interpreted as the anatomy of a FU. But its awfully hard to pinpoint where the bad luck started that sparked the FU or are there innate personal characteristics that create a FU irrespective of a trigger? Poor Beth (Vivian Kerr) is in a downward spiral perhaps commencing with the loss of herContinue reading “RKS 2023 Film: “Scrap”: The Anatomy of a FU”

RKS Literature: Meeting Death

“I know death. I’m one of his old employees. He’s overrated believe me. I can assure you there’s almost nothing to him. The drudgeries that do on occasion precede death can hardly be credited to him, since they just prove that someone is alive and kicking and may lead back to life and health. ButContinue reading “RKS Literature: Meeting Death”

RKS 2023 Film: “Colorblind”: Can a Racist be Reformed?

Racism has been with us for time immemorial. Can a racist ever be reformed? Can “Colorblind” convince you one way or the other. Canadian director Mostafa Keshvari has impressed me with his “Corona” (2020) and “Unmasked” (2018) both of which are seared with intense and emotionally charged dialogue and themes. “Colorblind” represents a sudden tackContinue reading “RKS 2023 Film: “Colorblind”: Can a Racist be Reformed?”

RKS Literature: Schools as Coercion?

“The masses had long since learned that for the education and discipline needed in the battle against the decaying bourgeoisie  they should look elsewhere than to coercive schools imposed by the authorities; and by now every idiot knew that the school system developed by the cloisters of the Middle Ages was as anachronistic and absurdContinue reading “RKS Literature: Schools as Coercion?”