Poetry Corner: “Casino Covid In Canada”

Casino Covid in Canada Caught in the slot machine blurAnti vaxxers be prepared for a nasty slurhoping for the jackpot of herd immunitythe saviour of the communitythe three cherries of untested vaccines in the long termwhich could be worse than the germas the RNA composition of Pfizer and Moderna messes with our genesHoly Shit whereContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Casino Covid In Canada””

COVID Poetry Corner: “A Dog’s Insight Into COVID”

A Dog’s Insight Into Covid-19 Owners in and rarely outno place to goexcept for the excitement of grocery shoppingmeaning there is a ritual hour long walkwith us and our dear Westietrundling along all around the hoodtalking with strangers and their muttswhile the furry ones smell each other buttshere and there it is getting very familiarasContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “A Dog’s Insight Into COVID””

Poetry Corner: “Vaccine Failure:”

Vaccine failure You are resting so many great hopes on the COVID vaccinea media and medico-politico fuelled dreamdesperate optimismon a largely untested juiceand we await the magical life saving jabPerhaps no better than a big Pharma scab|they have swindled us beforea huge profit seeking whoreso tonight a story of a COVID out break in aContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Vaccine Failure:””

Poetry Corner: “The Vaccine Lottery”

The Vaccine Lottery Country by country different rulespray for quickness in the church pewsbut in so many cases it is a question of who you know in the medical systemto perhaps pull a few favours and get the jabno need to moralize about a moralistic scabyou have it ahead of everyone aren’t you devious andContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “The Vaccine Lottery””

Poetry Corner: “Uncle Bill”

Uncle Bill Can you feel sorrow for an uncle you never met?Well Uncle Bill was a 22-year-old man I never even sawhe died before I was ever bornshot down in the Battle of Britainand now buried in Lincolnshire in the United Kingdomalone and unvisitedyet it is only in the past few years his memory hauntsContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Uncle Bill””

Poetry Corner: “Do you think you can escape your anger and forgive?”

Do you think you can escape your anger and forgive? Back again with anger!I have said you might be skilled enough to escape anger with self-compassionand I think we can all do this But if some act has been done by THEM against youcan you forgive? The secular Buddhistsand the mindfulness gurus seem to opineContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Do you think you can escape your anger and forgive?””

Poetry Corner: “Escaping Your Hatred with Self-Compassion”

Escaping your hatred with self-compassion Ok Calm down Someone has done you very wrongperhaps last week, a few months ago or perhaps a couple of decades agoyou are angry, very angrywith time that anger may fadebut it remains like gum on the shoewell what can you do? Firstly recognize that you have this angerand itContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Escaping Your Hatred with Self-Compassion””

Poetry Corner: “To the Liquor Control Board of Ontario”

To the Liquor Control Board of Ontario Happy joyful people in your Vintages catalogue releasesbut your need for safe profits has me falling to pieces California you lovethe lure of high turnover chokes you with its glovean easy sale Where is wine from British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia?the quality is there but look forContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “To the Liquor Control Board of Ontario””

Poetry Corner “The Wandering Mind and Ceaseless Chatter in Your Brain”

The Wandering Mind and Ceaseless Chatter in Your Brain Do you notice there is that voice in your head that never shuts upcriticizing, complaining, worrying and analyzingthen there is that mind that wanders like a bee to flowers looking for pollen?your level of concentration has fallenas you listen to that voice and get trapped byContinue reading “Poetry Corner “The Wandering Mind and Ceaseless Chatter in Your Brain””

COVID Poetry Corner: “Someone Has to Pay The Price”

Someone Has to Pay The Price Yet another grim fatality statistic for the United Stateswith over 500,000 meeting their final fateshow much longer will this vile viral attack continue hammering the world?when all is overthe blame game will start with a roarwith a particular vengeance for deaths among the poorpoliticians and medicos will be bootedContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “Someone Has to Pay The Price””