RKS Poetry: “The Beady Eyed Man and Concentration Camps”

The Beady Eyed Man and Ukrainian Concentration Camps The beady eyed Russian manor perhaps the Messiah according to the Grand Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Churchfond of $30,000 watchesestablishes “filtration camps”bolstered by mobile crematoriums on wheelsthe bells of Adolph Eichmann the final solution ring a final pealmass graves full of a killing zealforgetting beady eyedContinue reading “RKS Poetry: “The Beady Eyed Man and Concentration Camps””

Vladimir Pooping

the little low ranked KGB Vlad the Butcher of Buchamurdered rivals and opposition while quaffing Sambucaconfused over idolatry of Stalin or Catherine the Greatand worried about his balding pate (and his beady eyes)transforms his corruption into convenient Ukrainian hateyour time has come you tyrannical little murderous bureaucrathonoured along Stalin and Hitler inexplicably intertwinedyou talentless swineyourContinue reading “Vladimir Pooping”

“Travels to a Different Time”: Poetry on the Road

“Turkey on the Roast” (NCR) In the oven it slowly sizzlesShe bastes it with loving careUntil soon a quaint aroma fills the airThen in go the potatoesShe contentedly sits watching it brownTalking to it a chilling voiceUrges it on for her two special guestsshe laughs gaily, “Soon the guests will be here”Turkey is on theContinue reading ““Travels to a Different Time”: Poetry on the Road”

RKS Poetry: Putin Feces

“Putin Feces” A sadly isolated Putinsits lonely and disconnected with dreamsof glory of an irrelevant Russia of the pastbombing to pulverize Ukrainians to piecesleaving Russian historians to analyze your feceshoping your turds will be in a mausoleum with your beloved Stalintoo bad the oligarchs and their greed did you inas you ride the horses bareContinue reading “RKS Poetry: Putin Feces”

RKS Poetry: “Rasputin Putin”

“Rasputin Putin” As you recall Rasputin the mysticattached himself like a parasite to Mother Russiaattempted to seize Tsardomisolated and lost in mystic hazegraze on the oligarchs thievery masked in the international banking hazedevoid of reality after locking his wife in a monasteryto dilly dally with a ballerina who ended up infloating heads in a marinaPoorContinue reading “RKS Poetry: “Rasputin Putin””

RKS Poetry: “Yet More Emergency Orders from Our Premier Doug Ford”

Yet More Emergency Orders From Our Premier Doug Ford Unfortunately we have become used to “emergency orders” to facethe circling “enemy” of COVID as defined by the politico-medico eliteas the opposition to incessant curtailing of liberties mounts in Ontario..oh…oh.Doug gets tough with another order slicing into the trucker convoypraise be the auto manufacturers sayas democracyContinue reading “RKS Poetry: “Yet More Emergency Orders from Our Premier Doug Ford””

RKS Poetry: “Canada’s Trucker Terrorists”

Canada’s Trucker Terrorists A sick and tired of it all populist movement mushroomsTV dinner eating good Canadians huddle over their President’s Choice farelistening to  a Prime Minister and a mayor of Ottawagathering “intelligence” about the “insurrectionists”cutting off gas supplies to the terrorist truckersthe biggest threat to democracy in Canada they howla Trumpian conspiracy full ofContinue reading “RKS Poetry: “Canada’s Trucker Terrorists””