Poetry Corner: “Do you Remember Those Fascist Days?”

 Do You Remember Those Fascist Days? If you have seen as many World War Two Filmsas I haveyou may have found the fascination by those nasty Nazisalways asking for identity papers as obsessive and overbearing!oh by the way do you have your vaccination certificates and photo identification?and the health workers who refuse vaccination are sentContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Do you Remember Those Fascist Days?””

Poetry Corner “The Blindness of the Shame”

The Blindness of the Shame Attending a dinner party with the double vaccinated (of course) they are pontificating at the ignorance and stupidity of the unvaccinatedthey’ve swallowed the party line hook line and sinkerwell educated but blinded to civil rights all the more shameful as they are lawyers Oh so terrible they say these HaitiansContinue reading “Poetry Corner “The Blindness of the Shame””

Poetry Corner: “The Coyote and The Mouse”

The Coyote and The Mouse When not a poet of great renownperhaps I should tell you a story with a frownas a golf course Marshall my job is somewhat akin to being a diplomatkeeping the pace of playthat makes impatient golfers happy and gayI have a numbing early morning shift on Saturdaybelieve you me IContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “The Coyote and The Mouse””

Poetry Break : “And where did the Cheering Section Go?”

You watch the newsand listen to the government public health information (aka Propaganda)and there are encouraging voices from physicians, citizens and the mediaabout getting that vaccinationdon’t you find it odd there are no dissenters?or those that dissent on social media are taken down?forced vaccinations by any other nameisn’t democracy and sovereignty of your body moreContinue reading “Poetry Break : “And where did the Cheering Section Go?””

Poetry Corner : “Poetry in the Time of COVID”

Poetry in the Time of COVID So what is the role of a poet during COVID?no different than the role of a poet when there is no COVIDit is a role of a bullfighterjab the reader with lancesnot to kill and maimbut to challenge and make the reader thinkand get the bull angryto charge yetContinue reading “Poetry Corner : “Poetry in the Time of COVID””

Poetry Corner: The Unvaccinated Not The Bullied and Brainwashed

The Unvaccinated Not The Bullied and Brainwashed All those little good boys and girlshurled under the wheels of a train of incessant propagandatorn from the Stalin book and perfected by various totalitarian regimesBUT this time it is disguised as “public health information”I am not a junkie of your misinformation and bullying24 hours a day butContinue reading “Poetry Corner: The Unvaccinated Not The Bullied and Brainwashed”

Poetry Corner: “Casino Covid In Canada”

Casino Covid in Canada Caught in the slot machine blurAnti vaxxers be prepared for a nasty slurhoping for the jackpot of herd immunitythe saviour of the communitythe three cherries of untested vaccines in the long termwhich could be worse than the germas the RNA composition of Pfizer and Moderna messes with our genesHoly Shit whereContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Casino Covid In Canada””

COVID Poetry Corner: “A Dog’s Insight Into COVID”

A Dog’s Insight Into Covid-19 Owners in and rarely outno place to goexcept for the excitement of grocery shoppingmeaning there is a ritual hour long walkwith us and our dear Westietrundling along all around the hoodtalking with strangers and their muttswhile the furry ones smell each other buttshere and there it is getting very familiarasContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “A Dog’s Insight Into COVID””

Poetry Corner: “Vaccine Failure:”

Vaccine failure You are resting so many great hopes on the COVID vaccinea media and medico-politico fuelled dreamdesperate optimismon a largely untested juiceand we await the magical life saving jabPerhaps no better than a big Pharma scab|they have swindled us beforea huge profit seeking whoreso tonight a story of a COVID out break in aContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Vaccine Failure:””

Poetry Corner: “The Vaccine Lottery”

The Vaccine Lottery Country by country different rulespray for quickness in the church pewsbut in so many cases it is a question of who you know in the medical systemto perhaps pull a few favours and get the jabno need to moralize about a moralistic scabyou have it ahead of everyone aren’t you devious andContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “The Vaccine Lottery””