Golf and Your Mental Game: The Destructive Power of Improvement

After working as a golf Marshall I finally accepted a chunk of reality after playing 45 games. I am stuck in a range of 80-95 for 18 holes. In and out. Up and down. I am prisoner of a range and after 50 years of golf the time has come to accept that reality. TheContinue reading Golf and Your Mental Game: The Destructive Power of Improvement

Michigan’s Attempt to Control Invasive Species

MDARD asks public to help prevent spread of invasive pests, protect plant health during national gardening week LANSING – Summer weather has finally made its appearance, and many Michiganders are stocking up on new plants for their garden or landscape. With people headed to their local greenhouse or nursery, the Michigan Department of Agriculture andContinue reading “Michigan’s Attempt to Control Invasive Species”

RKS Film: The Documentary Film Reviewer and the Psychiatrist

Yes Mr. Stephen you have told me a jarring story of watching too many documentaries with a less than uplifting and joyous content. You have mentioned a recurring theme in documentaries that have been causing you emotional difficulties. You have mentioned countless documentaries dealing with. Victims of war Genocide Climate change Pedophilia Drug abuse Alzheimer’sContinue reading “RKS Film: The Documentary Film Reviewer and the Psychiatrist”

Dylan’s Passage of the Day: Meditation and Non-Doing

“Meditation is synonymous with the practice of non-doing. We aren’t practicing to make things perfect or to do things perfectly. Rather we practice to grasp and realize (make real for ourselves) the facts that things are already perfect, perfectly what they are. This has everything to do with holding the present moment in its fullnessContinue reading “Dylan’s Passage of the Day: Meditation and Non-Doing”

Passage of the Day: Symptoms and Mindfulness

“When you look into a symptom with the full power of mindfulness, whether it is muscle tension, a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, fever or pain it gives you much more of a chance to remember to honour your body and listen to the messages it is trying to give you. When we fail toContinue reading “Passage of the Day: Symptoms and Mindfulness”

Reflections of Reggie the Egyptian Rescue Dog: The Benefits of Coffee

“Many people do not feel that they can get through the day, or even the morning, without a cup of coffee (or two or three). Having a cup of coffee becomes a way of taking care of yourself, a way of stopping, a way of connecting with others or with yourself. It has its ownContinue reading “Reflections of Reggie the Egyptian Rescue Dog: The Benefits of Coffee”

Passage of the Day: “Workaholism”

“If you feel stressed and dissatisfied by family life, for instance, then work can be used as a wonderful excuse for never being home. If your work gives you pleasure and you get positive feedback from colleagues, if you feel in control when you are there, if you have power and status and feel productiveContinue reading “Passage of the Day: “Workaholism””

Passage of the Day: Retirement as Stressful

“For instance you may have been looking forward to retirement for years and be happy when it first comes and you can finally stop getting up early and going to work. But after a while you may not know what to do with all the time that you have. You may come to miss theContinue reading “Passage of the Day: Retirement as Stressful”

Passage of The Day: What is Mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is the act of consciously focusing the mind in the present moment, without judgement and without attachment to the moment. Mindfulness contrasts with automatic, habitual or rote behavior. When we are mindful we are awake, like a sentry guarding the gate. When we are mindful, we are open to the fluidity of each momentContinue reading “Passage of The Day: What is Mindfulness?”

Vitamin C and COVID-19

THE REVIEW Vitamin C Intervention for Critical COVID-19: A Pragmatic Review of the Current Level of Evidence Patrick Holford 1,*, Anitra C. Carr 2, Masuma Zawari 2, Marcela P. Vizcaychipi 3,4 Founder of Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Ambassador House, Richmond TW9 1SQ, UK Nutrition in Medicine Research Group, Department of Pathology & Biomedical Science, University of Otago, Christchurch 8140,Continue reading “Vitamin C and COVID-19”