RKS Literature: A Tobacco Addict in 1924 Speaks

“ I don’t understand how someone can not be a smoker-why it’s like robbing oneself of the best part of life, so as to speak, or at least of an absolutely first-rate pleasure. When I wake up I look forward to be able to smoke all day, and when I eat, I look forward toContinue reading “RKS Literature: A Tobacco Addict in 1924 Speaks”

RKS 2023 Travel and Wine: Pico’s Museu do Vinho (Wine Museum)

The Pico Museum consists of three separate museums on the island of Pico in the Azores of Portugal. There is the Whaler’s Museum, the Wine Museum and the Whaling Industry Museum. Oh yes whaling and wine say much about the history of Pico Island. Wine has played an important part in the Pico Island cultureContinue reading “RKS 2023 Travel and Wine: Pico’s Museu do Vinho (Wine Museum)”

RKS Literature: White Men and The Ravages of Their Diseases!

“It has been said, that the greatest curse to each of the South Sea Islands, was the first man that discovered it; and everyone who knows anything of the history of our commerce in these parts, knows how much truth there is in this; and that the white men, with their vices, have brought inContinue reading “RKS Literature: White Men and The Ravages of Their Diseases!”

RKS Literature: Revolutions in California!

“Revolutions in California are matters of constant occurrence in California. They are got up by men who are at the foot of the ladder and in desperate circumstances, just as a new political party is started by such men in our own country. The only object, of course, is the loaves and fishes; and insteadContinue reading “RKS Literature: Revolutions in California!”

RKS Literature: Monterey in the 1830’s

“Monterey is also a great place for cock–fighting, gambling of all sorts, fandangos, and every kind of amusement and knavery. Trappers and hunters, who occasionally arrive here from over the Rocky mountains, with their valuable skins and furs, are often entertained with every sort of amusement and dissipation, until they have wasted their time andContinue reading “RKS Literature: Monterey in the 1830’s”

RKS History: So When Did Germany Start Losing the War?

“The fuel situation, as long predicted by the Wehrmacht military economic war office, was rapidly approaching a critical point. By early 1942, it would not be the Russian mud but the exhaustion of German’s petrol supplies that would ensure the “complete paralysis of the army”. In the event by dipping into the Wehrmacht’s operational fuelContinue reading “RKS History: So When Did Germany Start Losing the War?”