“Mutantism on the March ” : Chapter 106 Canada’s Worst Enemies: Its Politicians

Premier Poorassa of Quebec held his press conference and laced into both the MSQ and René Hecklevesque claiming they had been a thorn in the side of Canadian unity and Quebec’s integrity. He accused Hecklevesque of inciting populist riots and asserted the “frog politician” Affliction had referred to in his transcript was none other than Hecklevesque. Many Quebeckers were wavering about support for Hecklevesque. His supporters were desperately trying to manufacture a martyr sort of like a Lady Fatima in the church of Quebec politics.

Hecklevesque’s popularity started its plunge after the kidnappings of James Dentalfloss and Pierre Laflirte and his subsequent murder. He was associated with the bad times haunting Quebec. The province was tired of his criticism and vague solutions to problems. Hecklevesque (aka Jiber) suffered from a total lack of confidence and the rare time he was asked to speak he mumbled and stuttered and looked the fool. When his contacts returned from Washington and advised him that Affliction was on the edge of losing it he started drinking vast quantities of Screech. And when Affliction resigned he knew his dreams of assembling a conquering army of Quebec zombies was now only a dream no longer a plan. Forget ever making a pact with any President of the United States. Could the Soviets help and they were so much like the American in their lust for colonies and profits but as for them ever invading Quebec that was impossible. It simply was time to give up and rip up his brain and liver with another bottle of Screech.

While the Jiber looked like a defeated enemy Squid, Ergot, Montenez, Foonbean and Reseudo were ready to celebrate and party however when desperation strikes desperate measures could be undertaken. The silence of the Canadian government’s silence was disconcerting. At the time of the release of the transcript the Canadian government was in the midst of negotiating an auto pact with the United Sates and any governmental criticism of the United States was a matter of very bad timing. The crusade for a few thousand auto manufacturing jobs took precedence over national unity. The electoral life of a politician was so short why waste it contemplating the long run. Political glory was a now and not a later. There were too many benefits to the politicians and their cronies to selling out Canada.

Jointly in the United Mutations International Herald Reseudo and Squid published the following;

                       Canada’s Worst Enemy

The federal politicians, bloated by their fat salaries, pension benefits and subsidized meals in the Parliamentary cafeteria, are oblivious to the grim realities of the country. They incessantly harp on the value of national unity and it is quite ironic they focus on the nationalists of Quebec as the great disrupters. Quite frankly the great peril to national unity lies within the federal government and its policy of sellouts to the United States. Quebec is a French speaking province. Why is hashing out a solution so difficult? The federal politicians might learn something if they listened to the Quebec nationalists. Ottawa likes to create an IMAGE of national unity. National unity is impossible however peaceful co-existence is not. The only reason Canada exists is because of historical fears of an expansionist United Sates and the clever salesmanship of railroad tycoons and Canadian politicians. This is a unity based on a fantasy. Canada has had numerous opportunities to rally the country behind it but it failed, just as it did now with the revelations contained in the Affliction tape, to stand up and challenge the Yankees. The silence of the Canadian government to this afront to national unity clarifies whose side they are really on…their own.

In many countries with such an insult staring them in the face they would be rioting and burning down American embassies. This is an impossibility in Canada thanks to federal government fear of the Yankees. One prominent Canadian politician once said living next to the United Sates is like a mouse sleeping beside an elephant.

Quebec politicians really aren’t much better welcoming enormous American investment thinking they were creating a great industrial power base. Well they were correct but they omitted to advise the population who was really controlling this power base. They were the leading auctioneers in the selling of Quebec. Of course the Catholic church helped to keep the population in line by creating a workers syndicate! Imagine the Catholic Church in Quebec fighting for the rights of workers! What happens to Quebec when there is nothing left to sell?

Published by Robert K Stephen (CSW)

Robert K Stephen writes about food ,drink, travel, film, and lifestyle issues. He also has published serialized novels "Life at Megacorp", "Virus # 26, "Reggie the Egyptian Rescue Dog" and "The Penniless Pensioner" Robert was the first associate member of the Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada. He also holds a Mindfulness Certification from the University of Leiden and the University of Toronto. Be it Spanish cured meat, dried fruit, BBQ, or recycled bamboo place mats, Robert endeavours to escape the mundane, which is why he has established this publication. His motto is, "Have Story, Will Write."

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