Reggie The Egyptian Rescue Dog is Back: Reggie’s Perspective on COVID

You’ll be tempted to say Reggie is but a celebrity dog so what does he know about COVID! By saying that you insult me and my intellect. You may want to listen to me and you might get a fresh perspective. Obviously as a dog I have not been to medical school but as a street dog don’t discount my smarts and knowledge about you humans. Here is what I think.

  • LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT: Given the lack of vaccinations in the Third World thanks to the North American and European hoarding of COVID vaccines there will be waves of COVID mutations heading to those countries that are vaccine hogs. The selfishness and smugness of the vaccinated elite may come back to bite them. Historically plagues do disappear but viruses never die. They sleep or are weakened by herd immunity. Accept at best you might be able to manage them but eradication? I think not.
  • HOSPITAL SYSTEMS CAN’T HANDLE THE LOAD: Your hospitals are hanging by a thread in the developed world and when the next mutation of the virus comes there may be no room for the infected. You humans failed to keep hospitals properly managed and funded. I watched a documentary on the CBC about COVID in Quebec and do you know there are only 1,300 intensive care beds in Quebec and only 350 of them can be occupied by COVID patients
  •      THERE ARE MORE THAN COVID VICTIMS: COVID is a selfish pig as it, encouraged by the paranoia and           short-sightedness of you humans, devours medical resources delaying diagnostic tests and many surgeries causing huge backloads. But in those numbers look at the human suffering of those caught in the BIG WAIT.
  • THE BEST-CASE SCENARIO: You will have an arsenal of effective vaccinations which will be fairly distributed globally to contain the virus. You’ll regain your lives under minimal constraints.
  • THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO: You will be living in a depressed, divided and pessimistic world facing continual waves of mutated virus strikes. The developed world will undergo continual waves of vaccinations and God help the poor countries of the world! But developed world beware that a mutation may arise that can’t be managed by vaccines.
  • WHAT ABOUT THE LONG HAULERS?: These are humans that have “recovered” from the COVID virus but have been temporarily or permanently affected by it. You humans at best know some of the effects of the virus but not all and do not understand why these long-haul effects are caused. You do not have the skills and resources to assist in recovery of the Long Haulers. Get moving!
  • YOU KNEW A PLAGUE WAS COMING: You had experience in Canada with SARS in 1993 and yet you failed to prepare for subsequent viral attacks. Instead you practiced for physical disasters and “contingency plans” for such events which became a hot and beloved topic. You knew about the Spanish flu. You also knew about the Russian flu which started in Uzbekistan in May 1889 and by November was in St. Petersburg then spread like lightning by ship and train travel. In 6 weeks Western Europe was blanketed with the virus and by January 1890 it was in New York where at one point 1,200 died a week there. Then it spread to New Zealand. And these were the days where there was no airplane travel! The Russian flu lasted 4 years killing 1 million when the world at that time had five times less population that it does now!
  • YOU HAVE BEEN SOLD A BILL OF GOODS ON THE VACCINE: I remember certain drug companies were saying their vaccines were 96% effective in preventing infection. Yet on this cold December day in Toronto of the 1,200 new cases about half of the new cases were amongst those that were vaccinated twice. You humans have been taken for a ride by Big Pharma. Isn’t it interesting that multiple vaccines are being given? It seems obvious the manufacturers of the vaccine have no interest in creating a one-time vaccine as brilliant as the politico medico elite claims they are. Do I smell profit motive? And you know we dogs have an excellent sense of smell! The anti-viral molnupirvar developed by Merck when approved will be approximately $900 a dose! There are lots of juicy bones for Big Pharma in this plague.
  • YOUR RIGHTS AS HUMANS HAVE BEEN ATTACKED BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENTS: I recall when Bob was downstairs working on his novels and screenplays he had the radio playing and it was a non stop barrage of “public health” advertisements. Bob said they have crossed the line into the world of propaganda helped by their “medical teams”. How convenient to blame a violation of civil liberties on a third party such as your medical team! At certain points you humans were subject to lockdowns that prevented freedom of assembly. Rat Fink hot lines for informants were established and COVID police fined and threatened. Anyone who refused to be vaccinated with experimental vaccines were reviled as “anti vaxxers”. You blindly obedient and subservient Canadians were led down the garden path failing to realize how your rights were being jeopardized. And you support vaccine passports the ultimate weapon against freedom of association and the right to make a living! Wake up people.
  • THE FIFTH ESTATE AS AN ALLY OR LACKIE: I watch many newscasts and am surprised how many are mouthpieces of the “public health messages”. Get your vaccine. Naughty anti-vaxxers tied into some Trump conspiracy. No presentation of criticism of the politico medico teams. In fact the medicos are given free reign to spread their “public health message” and the so called independent and critical media have lost their bite. Just look at all the Big Pharma ads on CNN. Why bite the hand that feeds you?
  • THE EXPLOITATION OF THE FRONT-LINE WORKER: I applaud the work and sacrifices made by the front-line health workers, truck drivers, grocery store clerks and those poor folks that don’t have the luxury of WFH (Working From Home). Some are given a little extra pay. The health care front line workers are deified by politicians and the media but when it comes to pay increases for those who want respect as opposed to hero status good luck. They are political fodder conveniently exploited by the politicians, hospital administrators and the media with angelic music and homilies creating demi-gods as good entertainment. The only payout awarded to these poor sacrificial lambs are job cuts as elective surgery revenue isn’t there because of COVID hogging the medical systems’ attention.
  • MY LAST WORD IS THAT THERE IS HOPE FOR THE NEXT PLAGUE: COVID has highlighted the dysfunctionalities of a broken and ill prepared medical system. There are lessons to be learnt humans and that is a big housekeeping is required in the medical system that is perpetually on the verge of collapse and may collapse yet.

Why is it we dogs don’t contract COVID? When I pray every night to Allah I ask that question but I never receive an answer. I can only thank my god that we are spared. You humans who many consider themselves as above all creatures of the Earth should take a moment and wonder if a greater power than yourselves is sending you a message.

Published by Robert K Stephen (CSW)

Robert K Stephen writes about food and drink, travel, and lifestyle issues. He is one of the few non-national writers to be certified as a wine specialist by the Society of Wine Educators, in Washington, DC. Robert was the first associate member of the Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada. He also holds a Mindfulness Certification from the University of Leiden and the University of Toronto. Be it Spanish cured meat, dried fruit, BBQ, or recycled bamboo place mats, Robert endeavours to escape the mundane, which is why he has established this publication. His motto is, "Have Story, Will Write."

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