RKS Wines: Opening the Malivoire Treasure Trove

Yes, we try two Malivoire wines that are sold out. Is this a winery owner’s dream? Is it a wine writer’s despair his readers can’t try what he is writing about? Well “sold out” is “sold out” and neither I or you can do anything about that! But if you like what you read thereContinue reading “RKS Wines: Opening the Malivoire Treasure Trove”

Reggie the Egyptian Rescue Dog is Back :My First Vacation!

I have travelled the world helping to promote the Disney film “Reggie the Egyptian Rescue Dog”, receiving a Nobel Peace Prize and meeting the Pope and all sorts of politicos. I think Dylan the Westie and I have peed and pooped all over the world. But at times it is a blur and it isContinue reading “Reggie the Egyptian Rescue Dog is Back :My First Vacation!”