RKS Wine: What to Have with Your New Year’s Eve Repast

Our New Year’s Eve dinner is seafood focused which means white wine is called for given the suggested dishes. Appetizer: Malpeque oysters Your white wine selection: I would go with a Brut or Extra Brut sparkler. Loaded with a good bead of bubbles the aromas are apple, pear, caramel, guava, honey and Brioche. On theContinue reading “RKS Wine: What to Have with Your New Year’s Eve Repast”

RKS Wine: Christmas Dinner and Wine

I recall in my formal wine education days I had an instructor that seriously remarked any wine goes at Christmas as guests are so tanked up before the real dining starts they’ll drink anything! I never subscribed to that point of view. Christmas dinner preparation can be backbreaking and unless you’ve been involved in preparingContinue reading “RKS Wine: Christmas Dinner and Wine”

RKS Wine: Best Red Wines of 2022

Quinta dos Termos 2017 Beira Interior DOC, $13.95: Portugal 94 Mayhem 2019 Cabernet Merlot, B.C. VQA, $21.74: British Columbia 94 Two Sisters 2015 Cabernet Franc, VQA Niagara River, $75.80: Ontario 94 Viña Chocolan Vitrium 2019 Red Blend, Vale del Maipo: $25.95: Chile 94 Alamos Seleccion 2018 Malbec, Mendoza: $16,95: Argentina 94 Viña Tarapacá Gran ReservaContinue reading “RKS Wine: Best Red Wines of 2022”

RKS Wines: A Greek Alternative to Ice Wine

In Ontario Riesling and Vidal icewines, particularly Riesling icewine, can cost a pretty penny but given the conditions harvested in and the very concentrated juice extracted from frozen grapes it is understandable that icewine is a luxury product. A cost effective and delicious alternative to icewine is Vin Doux from the Greek island of SamosContinue reading “RKS Wines: A Greek Alternative to Ice Wine”

RKS Wine: Two Sisters’ 2017 Riesling: A King’s Ransom!

No need to beat around the bush here. Almost all Ontario Riesling gives me a puckered up mouth and is akin to sucking on a grapefruit. Being schooled on German Rieslings years ago Ontario Rieslings were a shock and still are a shock. I will venture out on my thin ice and try one nowContinue reading “RKS Wine: Two Sisters’ 2017 Riesling: A King’s Ransom!”

RKS Wine: Some CAVA Please to Start Your Feast This Christmas or New Year’s Eve

If you have a multi course dinner awaiting you this upcoming holiday season there is an adage that your palate should be cleaned up and fresh so you can appreciate your festive dinner. This is where a Brut or Extra Brut sparkling wine can be of use as its acidic composition scours the palate ofContinue reading “RKS Wine: Some CAVA Please to Start Your Feast This Christmas or New Year’s Eve”

RKS Wine: Red Wines with Roast Turkey?

Yes, you can pair red wine with roast turkey with or without cranberry sauce being on the side. While a white wine might shrivel with cranberry sauce anywhere near it a red wine just might co-exist with cranberry sauce better than a white wine would. But full-bodied red wines such as a Zinfandel or CabernetContinue reading “RKS Wine: Red Wines with Roast Turkey?”

RKS Wine: Canadian Pinot Noir: Westcott 2018 Pinot Noir VQA Vinemount Ridge

The centre of excellence for Canadian Pinot Noir in my humble opinion would be the Okanagan in British Columbia with highwater producers such as Meyer Family Vineyards, Mayhem Wines and Oak Bay. Ontario is a bit inconsistent in the Pinot Noir domain but there is Clos Jordanne that is consistently good. I have given upContinue reading “RKS Wine: Canadian Pinot Noir: Westcott 2018 Pinot Noir VQA Vinemount Ridge”