RKS Wine:  Red Bordeaux Trio

Be forewarned at 62 degrees Fahrenheit the wine is flabby so try to bring it down to 55 degrees which is what your refrigerated cellar temperature should be. The nose is primarily black fruit with some plum and mocha all sitting on a pool of kirsch. On the palate the tannins are soft but aContinue reading “RKS Wine:  Red Bordeaux Trio”

RKS Wines: A High-Cost Romanian Red Wine: Time to Shine or Whine?

In the interests of furthering my scant knowledge about Romanian wines and of hoping for rewards in a search for Romanian winners I paid $42.95 for a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Terroir de Dobrogea. Most Romanian wines in the Ontario market cost under $20. On the nose a very rich wine almost Portish and atContinue reading “RKS Wines: A High-Cost Romanian Red Wine: Time to Shine or Whine?”

RKS Wine: Bachelder “les Villages” 2020 Gamay Noir: Gentle Elegance

As far as red wine flows in Ontario Gamay is often a winner. What does Thomas Bachelder do with a Gamay? As for aromas amidst the smoky overlay expect black cherry, cherry and rhubarb crumble and a tad of cloves. A lightweight wine very smooth but a seam of complexity rests in the palate withContinue reading “RKS Wine: Bachelder “les Villages” 2020 Gamay Noir: Gentle Elegance”

RKS Wine: A Mavrud from Bulgaria

A rare Bulgarian wine makes an appearance made from the Mavrud grape. Mavrud doesn’t have a stellar reputation but when properly subject to oak ageing it makes a solid simple wine. This wine was aged in barrels crafted by a cooper at the winery. Lots of raspberry and cherry on the nose. There is alsoContinue reading “RKS Wine: A Mavrud from Bulgaria”

RKS Wine: Creative Label but What About the Taste?

When it is about wine labels and names for wine the Aussies lead the pack. You might want to think of it as a marketing strategy for Australian wines. No matter how fantastic your wine is if it does not sell what does the public care about a winemaker’s passion for the wine they haveContinue reading “RKS Wine: Creative Label but What About the Taste?”

RKS Wine: The Life of Portugal’s Runner Up!

As for Portuguese wines on the California centric shelves of Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s the big guy is the Douro and in a somewhat distant second place but gaining ground are the wines from Alentejano. We try a Monte Velho from the Alentejano a blend of Aragonez, Trincadeira, Touriga Nacional and Syrah. On theContinue reading “RKS Wine: The Life of Portugal’s Runner Up!”

RKS Wine: Château Joinin as Château Pipeau’s Younger Brother

It is the Mestreguilhem family that vints both Château Joinin and Château Pipeau. Château Pipeau St. Émilion Grand Cru as it sits on the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s shelves is $43.95. The Château Joinin a simple 2019 AC Bordeaux is a humble $14.95 but the 2018 I tried certainly must be a top ofContinue reading “RKS Wine: Château Joinin as Château Pipeau’s Younger Brother”

RKS Wine: Hairy Brute Wine from Spain

The red wine El Goru from Jumilla in Spain has a caveman on its label. Artistically done of course. It is a blend of Monastrell, Syrah and Petit Verdot none of which can be referred to as primal. On the nose while not a snarling cave man attacking you with a club the wine hasContinue reading “RKS Wine: Hairy Brute Wine from Spain”

RKS Wine: A Couple of Borsao Wines from Campo de Borja

Robert Parker wrote in 2016, “My favourite value winery not only in Spain, but in the world, is Bodegas Borsao in the up-and-coming appellation of Campo de Borja.” Well that was 6 years ago and no doubt he has found a new favourite value winery since then. Such is the life of wine where nothingContinue reading “RKS Wine: A Couple of Borsao Wines from Campo de Borja”

RKS Wine: Portugal’s Delaforce 2015 Touriga Nacional

Exaggerating somewhat the red grape Touriga Nacional for Portugal is the equivalent of what apple pie is for the United States! Unfortunately I mention this grape to non-wine professionals and I receive blank stares except from Port drinkers who are always familiar with this grape of the Holy Grail. From what I have seen andContinue reading “RKS Wine: Portugal’s Delaforce 2015 Touriga Nacional”