“Mutantism on the March”: Chapter 4 “The Tragic Exile”

Chapter 4 “The Tragic Exile” Albo Jiber had once sat in the Legislative Assembly of Zortixia. He was known to be extremely intelligent but with ambition bordering on dangerous. His career as a Zortixian Legislative Assembly member came crashing down as he was implicated in several illegal land deals resulting in his expulsion from theContinue reading ““Mutantism on the March”: Chapter 4 “The Tragic Exile””

Robert K Stephen’s New Novel “Mutantism on the March”

Get ready for another serialized novel by Robert K. Stephen entitled “Mutantism on the March” which is political science fiction wrapped in satire. Follow the adventures on earth and the planet Zortixia. Willie Montenez is your superhero as he is exiled from the planet Zortixia to earth. The terrifying Jiber and the regressive Opposite Party,Continue reading “Robert K Stephen’s New Novel “Mutantism on the March””