“Mutantism on The March” Chapter 62 “Dr. Zodiac Further Investigates at The Juvenile Mind Repair Institute”

Dr. Zodiac was beginning to think Zenon Girov may be somehow linked up to the Zodiac killings. The theory of “confused oedipal revenge complex” stated the condition was latent and at the earliest did not manifest itself until the onset of puberty and that was about the point of life that Zenon attacked Pastor Bones. The fact that he had yelled “Mother” during that attack was stronger evidence to Dr. Zodiac, Zenon might be implicated in the Zodiac killings.

After departing the orphanage Dr. Zodiac headed up and down the hills of San Francisco singing a jingle he had heard on television “Rice a Roni The San Francisco Treat”.

He arrived at the Institute and showing more fake ID presented himself to the director of the institute as Dr. Andreas Papagallo chief diagnostic officer of the Salonika Institute of Shock Therapy. The director then escorted Dr. Zodiac to the office of the Chief Mind Repairer Dr. Harvey Willbringer who was quite flattered such a distinguished international figure should be expressing interest in his work. After a cup of tea and a pleasant chat Dr. Zodiac came to the point, “Dr. Willbringer the psychiatric community in Greece is impressed with your method of treating mentally disturbed individuals. For the sake of our colleagues internationally I am working on a new ground-breaking theory and access to your patient files would be invaluable.

The good American doctor who eagerly espoused international medical collaboration and the hope he might be mentioned in Papagallo’s research paper took him to the medical records room and said, “Help yourself and take all the time you need. If you need any further clarification, I am just down the hall in room B-666.”

He quickly uncovered what he wanted was the release report for Zenin Girov:

                  Release Report Of Zenon Girov Patient #3666999

Zenon Girov was admitted as a pubic aggressor after he had attacked a pastor who was visiting his orphanage. When admitted the patient was exhibiting signs of severe anxiety and had a bad case of lose stools. Treatment initially was difficult as he feared sessions with male physicians. Heavy sedation was administered to calm the patient down. After three weeks of therapy the patient finally relaxed until only small doses of benzos were administered. In fact the patient became animated and lucid and had reached a point where we considered that he had recovered from whatever sparked the attack on Pastor Bones. No longer did he attack patients and staff while screaming “Mother”.

We diagnosed condition as “basic oedipal”. At a tender age Girov watched his mother being dismembered by an axe murderer which ingrained certain latent traumas. We conclude that this massive stress and trauma at times turned him into a steamroller of aggression against certain male figures. Under hypnosis and through the use of experimental hallucinogenic mushrooms the patient admitted that he had a strong desire to “avenge the killers of “mommy”. He had been seriously affected by the trauma of witnessing the murder of his mother and when under stress he thought that it was all males that had killed his mother. On the night before his release he attacked an orderly giving him a severe concussion. Upon queries Zenon expressed his remorse advising staff he did not “know what had gotten into him”. He told the attending physician he had hallucinated the orderly was carrying a bloodstained axe. The patient then lost his voice for five days. Our view was that current therapy had been unsuccessful and after debating whether a Kennedy Lobotomy or shock therapy was appropriate a panel of our physicians indicated shock therapy was the best treatment option. Four shock therapy sessions were administered with positive results as again the patient assumed a calm demeanour and for the next few weeks was socially animated and exhibited no violent tendencies. He even spoke with the director of our Institute complaining of the violence in television shows seen at the patient holding pen and how that might affect certain patients. So we believe that the shock therapy was a success and stopped the violent revenge behaviour of the patient. He was released after 8 months of treatment back to the orphanage.

Doctors Pitwerd, Truna, Flizzie and Gooberstein


Property of the State Juvenile Mind Repair Institute San Francisco

Published by Robert K Stephen (CSW)

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