RKS Film: “Beautiful Scars”: Tom Wilson’s Journey

As human beings when our time comes to pass into the other world we will have collected a series of life experiences. They will range from horrific to ecstatic.  Canadian musician Tom Wilson seems to have experienced the complete range. It is the unpleasant ones that leave scars. A scar is a healed wound butContinue reading “RKS Film: “Beautiful Scars”: Tom Wilson’s Journey”

“In Your Face”: Fascinating Journey into Natural and Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition

If you are Canadian you no doubt are familiar with one the nation’s must trusted and respected scientists David Suzuki. He has an uncanny ability to not only simplify science but to make it enjoyable. A Canadian documentary “In Your Face” is presented on David Suzuki’s “Nature of Things” a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television showContinue reading ““In Your Face”: Fascinating Journey into Natural and Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition”

“Coral Ghosts”: Stunning photography but a sad story

Toronto Filmmaker Andrew Nisker’s “Coral Ghosts” presents the viewer with stunning cinematography but a tragic story about the death of the world’s coral reefs. Coral is a living organism and as it is extremely sensitive to increases in water temperatures it is “bleaching out” and dying. With its death the ecosystem that inhabits these reefs isContinue reading ““Coral Ghosts”: Stunning photography but a sad story”

“Hell or Clean Water”: Not in Canada You Say! Toronto Hot Docs Festival

Yes you have seen huge islands of floating plastic in the ocean but this sort of pollution can’t happen in Canada. Right? Well perhaps we don’t have huge islands of plastic washing up on the shores of provinces that have oceans. But” Hell or Clean Water” certainly exposes that on the coast of Newfoundland, particularlyContinue reading ““Hell or Clean Water”: Not in Canada You Say! Toronto Hot Docs Festival”

“His Name is Ray”: Desperation an Understatement

Michael Del Monte followed Toronto based panhandler Ray originally from PEI but now a panhandler on Lakeshore Boulevard in Toronto. He goes from car to car hoping for handouts to fund his heroin addiction. Del Monte noticed him on his drive home and he was invited by Ray to follow him for 8 months single-handedly.Continue reading ““His Name is Ray”: Desperation an Understatement”

“First We Eat”: A Lighthearted Film Takes on More Serious Overtones The Canadian documentary “First We Eat” takes a rather amusing and lighthearted perspective on the challenges of eating locally particularly in Canada’s Yukon. It was precipitated by a landslide that covered the only road into Dawson City. Grocery shelves were emptied in 48 hours.Continue reading