RKS Film: “Tales from the Gimli Hospital” (Redux)

Gimli is a small town in Manitoba, Canada. In 1983 an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Edmonton ran out of fuel and miraculously coasted from 41,000 feet to an airfield in Gimli Manitoba. So I was piqued in seeing “Gimli” as part of the title to “Tales from the Gimli Hospital”. Written and directedContinue reading “RKS Film: “Tales from the Gimli Hospital” (Redux)”

RKS Films: “On the Fringe of Wild”: The Viciousness of Homophobia

“On the Fringe of Wild” is nothing but a masterful take on the pain and suffering caused by homophobia. Quite frankly it is a vicious movie and take that as a compliment. The film was shot in North Bay, Ontario. Peter (Harrison Brown) is a quiet and sensitive young man finishing off high school. HeContinue reading “RKS Films: “On the Fringe of Wild”: The Viciousness of Homophobia”

“Come True”: Possibly a Canadian Classic Horror Thriller?

“Come True” initially moves slowly and gains in suspense and explodes with an unsuspected brilliant and provocative finish. You think you are finally beginning to figure everything out until an unexpected finish turns you on your head spinning with WTF just happened. A great film brimming with creativity that may leave you with a gaspContinue reading ““Come True”: Possibly a Canadian Classic Horror Thriller?”

“Violation”: A Canadian Gem?

I have watched this film twice and it took the second view to say this Canadian film is a gem. Personally, I would advise you to watch it more than once. It is one of those films that beg for interpretation. The elements to keep an eye and mind on could be sexual assault, PTSD,Continue reading ““Violation”: A Canadian Gem?”