RKS Film: “Battle for The Heart of Texas”: Megacorp’s Destructive Power

The Earthx Film Festival running in Dallas Texas from 11-15 May presents” Battle for the Heart of Texas”. The battle may be fought in the heart of Texas from a geographic perspective but emotionally it affects the hearts of Texans proud landowners in mostly remote areas who see their property and hearts ripped asunder byContinue reading “RKS Film: “Battle for The Heart of Texas”: Megacorp’s Destructive Power”

RKS Film: “Coextinction”: Humanity on the Edge

The EarthX Film Festival in Dallas Texas will be showing both in Cinema and virtually “Coextinction” a Canadian documentary focusing on the impending extinction of Southern Resident Killer Whales and then veers off to examine why many of these whales appear to be suffering from starvation and disease. There remain 74 of them in theContinue reading “RKS Film: “Coextinction”: Humanity on the Edge”