RKS Wine: Dão Memories

My last media trip to a wine region was to the Dão in Portugal. You know those days prior to COVID. I must have visited over a dozen wineries all in beautiful settings. I think the star grape was Encruzado which makes a beguiling white wine. For what we see in Ontario the Douro leadsContinue reading “RKS Wine: Dão Memories”

RKS Wine: 2019 Alice Vieira de Souza: Another Douro Winner?

Quality control is the name of the game in Portugal’s Douro region perhaps due to the thoroughness of its “regulator” Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto (IVDP). I must say over the years there have been almost no corked or low-quality wines I have encountered from the Douro. And price can be deceptive.Continue reading “RKS Wine: 2019 Alice Vieira de Souza: Another Douro Winner?”