Passage of the Day: Retirement as Stressful

“For instance you may have been looking forward to retirement for years and be happy when it first comes and you can finally stop getting up early and going to work. But after a while you may not know what to do with all the time that you have. You may come to miss theContinue reading “Passage of the Day: Retirement as Stressful”

Jon Kabat-Zinn “Full Catastrophe Living”; Mindfulness and Yoga

“Yoga is also good exercise because it is a type of full-body conditioning. It improves strength, balance, and flexibility in the entire body. It’s like swimming, in that every part of your body is involved and benefits. It can even have cardiovascular benefits when done vigorously. But in MBSR (mindfulness bases stress reduction) the wayContinue reading “Jon Kabat-Zinn “Full Catastrophe Living”; Mindfulness and Yoga”

Jon Kabat-Zinn “Full Catastrophe Living”: Thinking during meditation

“Thinking is not bad, nor is it even undesirable during meditation, What matters is whether you are aware of your thoughts and feelings during meditation and how you are in relationship to them. Trying to supress them will only result in greater tension and frustration and more problems, not in calmness, insight, clarity and peace.Continue reading “Jon Kabat-Zinn “Full Catastrophe Living”: Thinking during meditation”

Jon Kabat-Zinn “Full Catastrophe Living”: Meditation as Non-Doing

“Meditation is really a non-doing. It is the only human endeavour I know that does not involve trying to get somewhere else, but rather, emphasizes being where you already are. Much of the time we are so carried away by all the doing, striving, the planning, the reacting, the busyness-that when we stop just toContinue reading “Jon Kabat-Zinn “Full Catastrophe Living”: Meditation as Non-Doing”

Jon Kabat-Zinn “Full Catastrophe Living”; breathing

“When we are mindful of our breathing, it automatically helps us to establish greater calmness in both the body and the mind. Then we are better able to be aware of our thoughts and feelings with a greater degree of calm and with a more discerning eye. We are able to see things more clearlyContinue reading “Jon Kabat-Zinn “Full Catastrophe Living”; breathing”