Surfing the Waves

The more the waves of COVID course the beaches of lifethe more power and constraints placed on libertyall in the name of public goodour elected representatives and their medical lackies turned into sharksdismembering and attacking those who fail to tow the party linevilified like the sharks that attack the surfers like the sharks they are?Continue reading “Surfing the Waves”

Poetry Break: “The Criminalization of Front-Line Workers”

The Criminalization of Front-Line Workers Do you remember but a few months agoBlind and unwavering praise for COVID front-line workerspoor exhausted heroes a wonderful political toolFor many a deceived foolto maintain iron fisted COVID ruleOf the politico-medico eliteMartyrs and heroesan example for allbut if they don’t get vaccinated they take the fallto sit like badContinue reading “Poetry Break: “The Criminalization of Front-Line Workers””

Poetry Break: I Did Not Kill the Canada Goose

Birdslaughter has been heavy on my mindgolfing on a Monday I hit a goosewith a long nine iron shot that landed in a gaggle of Canada Geese on the third holebird down! Convulsingcausing my guilt to go pulsatingbut the fellow righted himself and looked a bit stunnedlike gas in the United States I was aContinue reading “Poetry Break: I Did Not Kill the Canada Goose”

Poetry Break :Ontario Carries On Snitching Tradition Of Stalin and Hitler for “The Good of the Cause”

For the Good of The Cause So abhorrent you were taught about Hitler and Stalin snitchessending to execution so many innocents simply they had made enemies of their neighboursyet in Toronto call 311 and report “offenders” simply because you or they pissed each other offyou call the snitch line and the COVID Secret Service isContinue reading “Poetry Break :Ontario Carries On Snitching Tradition Of Stalin and Hitler for “The Good of the Cause””

Poetry Corner: “Legless Lager Louts”

Legless Lager Louts A phenomena in the United Kingdom I am tolda few pints and the timid become bolduntil the police put them in a chokehold You see them in most European cities and tourist destinationsinvariably an Irish puba safe place to eat bangers and mash grubeaten by tattooed and a Proud Boy thugor riotingContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Legless Lager Louts””

Poetry Corner “Half in a Daze”

              Half In a Daze Now than Pence and Trump are gone is good newsbut hours in front of CNN anti-Trump television spewsit’s not normal suddenly seeing an absence vitriol and hatemy poor mind feels like it is being flushed down the sewer grateit’s back to murder and warswhich for me is the boreshopefully myContinue reading “Poetry Corner “Half in a Daze””

Poetry Break: “Welcome Joe Biden”

“Welcome President Biden” You are now the President of the United Statesa welcome blessing from the former President that was replete with hatesyou have a very tough job ahead of you with a fractured America left and created by your predecessor who failed his attempt at a coupbut for most of us history knows he’llContinue reading “Poetry Break: “Welcome Joe Biden””