Poetry Break: I Did Not Kill the Canada Goose

Birdslaughter has been heavy on my mindgolfing on a Monday I hit a goosewith a long nine iron shot that landed in a gaggle of Canada Geese on the third holebird down! Convulsingcausing my guilt to go pulsatingbut the fellow righted himself and looked a bit stunnedlike gas in the United States I was aContinue reading “Poetry Break: I Did Not Kill the Canada Goose”

Poetry Corner: COVID’s Health Caste System

COVID’s Health Caste System The Untouchables are the unvaccinatedstay awaypenalizetrivializecriticizepublic health authorities the new Ku Klux Clansocially lynch so quietly without actually killing except sociallythen the one shottersgood boys and girls waiting for the second jabto avoid being a social scabthen the two shottersthe wise and intelligent and caringperhaps the over manipulatedor blackmailedI’m so sickContinue reading “Poetry Corner: COVID’s Health Caste System”