Uyghur Muslims In China and Similarities to Canada!

Concentration camps under the mustard gas deception of re-education camps Canada get ready for mandatory re-education camps for health care workers Former front line medical “heroes” who refuse vaccination will be “re-educated” Wasn’t “1984” by George Orwell right on point? If the Chinese totalitarianism can be replicated in Canadawith a generous helping of Pol PotContinue reading Uyghur Muslims In China and Similarities to Canada!

Poetry Corner: “My Life as a Hooker and Election Time in Canada”

“My Life as a Hooker and Election Time in Canada” Playing golf this year as a righty strangely I am hooking the ball to the leftI query out loud why I am hooking?Well that draws a few guffaws about hookersand has caused me to think about the upcoming Canadian federal electionwhere politicians are obviously notContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “My Life as a Hooker and Election Time in Canada””

Poetry Break: “We’ve got your back”

“We’ve Got Your Back” Remember those politicos saying during COVID that we’ve got your back?Now it seems with vaccine passports if you don’t get an inadequately tested vaccineas ordered by the politico medico elitethe rulers are no longer politedon’t do as we recommend you’ll be sliced out of society like some malignant growthyou no longerContinue reading “Poetry Break: “We’ve got your back””

Poetry Corner: The Unvaccinated Not The Bullied and Brainwashed

The Unvaccinated Not The Bullied and Brainwashed All those little good boys and girlshurled under the wheels of a train of incessant propagandatorn from the Stalin book and perfected by various totalitarian regimesBUT this time it is disguised as “public health information”I am not a junkie of your misinformation and bullying24 hours a day butContinue reading “Poetry Corner: The Unvaccinated Not The Bullied and Brainwashed”

The Unvaccinated Bastards

Flaunt your Trumpian civil libertarian palavera plotagainst civil libertiesand your welcome may be a painful deathof course after you infect those who don’t believe in your party lineyou low life selfish swineinterfering with my own libertarian line of freedom of associationkill your parents and grandparentsas thousands gasp for life in emergency army tents You letContinue reading “The Unvaccinated Bastards”

Poetry Corner: COVID’s Health Caste System

COVID’s Health Caste System The Untouchables are the unvaccinatedstay awaypenalizetrivializecriticizepublic health authorities the new Ku Klux Clansocially lynch so quietly without actually killing except sociallythen the one shottersgood boys and girls waiting for the second jabto avoid being a social scabthen the two shottersthe wise and intelligent and caringperhaps the over manipulatedor blackmailedI’m so sickContinue reading “Poetry Corner: COVID’s Health Caste System”

Poetry Corner: “Vaccine Failure:”

Vaccine failure You are resting so many great hopes on the COVID vaccinea media and medico-politico fuelled dreamdesperate optimismon a largely untested juiceand we await the magical life saving jabPerhaps no better than a big Pharma scab|they have swindled us beforea huge profit seeking whoreso tonight a story of a COVID out break in aContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Vaccine Failure:””

Poetry Corner: “Uncle Bill”

Uncle Bill Can you feel sorrow for an uncle you never met?Well Uncle Bill was a 22-year-old man I never even sawhe died before I was ever bornshot down in the Battle of Britainand now buried in Lincolnshire in the United Kingdomalone and unvisitedyet it is only in the past few years his memory hauntsContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Uncle Bill””

Your government as the New Mafia?

Remember at one time running the numbers racket was illegalyet today governments control casinos and lotteriesbleeding dry and ruining lives through promotion of gambling addiction narcotics was a dirty wordbut cannabis in many jurisdictions is legalpromotion of weeda brave political deed? Alcohol was once a great sinbut into the government coffers tax revenue is overflowingContinue reading “Your government as the New Mafia?”

Poetry Corner: “Creeping October (aka Homecoming Week in North America)”

Creeping October (aka Homecoming Week in North America) Guess who is in townfor the big college football gamegoon jocks with their war criespurple painted face engineering studentsinitiation rightsinto what?last binge?and the roar after the big playfat assed frat girls as caramel sundaesfor their boysand we all know the topping I’m talking about but back homeContinue reading “Poetry Corner: “Creeping October (aka Homecoming Week in North America)””