RKS Wine: Portugal’s Delaforce 2015 Touriga Nacional

Exaggerating somewhat the red grape Touriga Nacional for Portugal is the equivalent of what apple pie is for the United States! Unfortunately I mention this grape to non-wine professionals and I receive blank stares except from Port drinkers who are always familiar with this grape of the Holy Grail. From what I have seen andContinue reading “RKS Wine: Portugal’s Delaforce 2015 Touriga Nacional”

RKS Wine: The Penniless Pensioner Wants a Portuguese Pinkie!

PP often waxes about the great wines of Portugal which for him means trophy table wines and Port from the Douro region. At one point, before his cellar was sold off to pay for his criminal trial defence in New York for being a co-conspirator with Bernie Madoff, he had over two hundred bottles ofContinue reading “RKS Wine: The Penniless Pensioner Wants a Portuguese Pinkie!”

The Battle of the Portuguese Sagrados

Several years ago after attending Port Wine Day in Porto, Portugal I had a fantastic lunch with the owner of Quinta do Sagrado José Marie Calem in an outdoor restaurant overlooking the Douro River. It was a warm September day and we really dug into some incredible seafood in the old section of Porto. AfterwardsContinue reading “The Battle of the Portuguese Sagrados”