RKS Poetry

The Current State of Canadian Healthcare Oh federal and provincial governments you had warnings about a healthcare system on the brinkBut you wanted to avoid an electoral stinkabout brazen governmental deficitsso make the cuts and let the health care system hit the pitsnot to mention the deregulation and lax enforcement concerning long term carehave youContinue reading “RKS Poetry”

RKS Poetry: 55 Years of Unhappy Father’s Days

55 years of vacant father’s days 55 years of no father to celebrate a special day withnever even a chance to say good-bye at a funeralas that unhealthy event was the thought of many in 1964not thinking grief could find any doorthe end result being numbness and an inability to processso grief leaks out piecemealperhapsContinue reading “RKS Poetry: 55 Years of Unhappy Father’s Days”

RKS Poetry “Canadian Media Toadies”

Canadian Media Toadies We saw the Canadian media play toadies in the COVID manipulation playbookRush and get your lifesaving vaccine as your patriotic duty trying to inveigle the masses by line, sinker and hook!What happened to reporting the news which instead was propping up the politico-medico elitesucking on the profitable Big Pharma teatAnd again impartialityContinue reading “RKS Poetry “Canadian Media Toadies””