RKS Poetry “Spare Change Needed for Harry”

Spare Change Needed For Harry Excommunicated by King (yes finally) Charles aka DaddyShort on cashTime for a Kardashian strategybut difficult as no breasts to bare to get millions of depraved staresso controversyscandaltabloid fodderno skills but paparazzi cultivationmust keep in the limelightmore will be needed than “Spare”what is your next dare?back in the royal graces yourContinue reading “RKS Poetry “Spare Change Needed for Harry””

RKS Poetry: “You Stink”

You Stink What wretch is putting these “You Stink” notes on my deskOf course some obnoxious pest31 of them in 2022Oooooooh!Of course this is not bothering me and I don’t give it a thoughtmy aggravation can’t be boughtWith mindfulness I don’t give it any importancewho is gripped in this hateful trance?Who, who and who?To theContinue reading “RKS Poetry: “You Stink””

RKS Poetry: “Galen Weston Jr. Did You Forget About Kraft Dinner?”

Galen Weston Jr. Did You Forget About Kraft Dinner? With family wealth estimated at close to 9 billion what wealth!So many heartfelt thanks for freezing prices on Loblaws house brands showing concern for Canadian’s financial health!But please at $2.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart for a box of Kraft Dinnerand 4 for $3.99 at competitor MetroContinue reading “RKS Poetry: “Galen Weston Jr. Did You Forget About Kraft Dinner?””

RKS Poetry: “48 Hangers”

48 Hangers He sits in his house reflecting on a failed romantic relationshipon a couch the locale of some warm cuddleshis mind muddlesshe has moved out leaving his heart encircled by acidic puddlesher betrayal rouses so many angersall she has left behind are 48 hangers Robert K. Stephen

RKS Poetry: Ex President Trump and Dementia

It is Rude to Mock Those with Dementia We must not mock those suffering from dementiaI caught a clip of some comedian hawking virtual cards about the orange toadHad a great laugh about the mocking of a twit specializing in bankruptcy and failed coupslike a kamikaze pilot taking out the enemythensomeone told me this wasContinue reading “RKS Poetry: Ex President Trump and Dementia”

RKS Poetry: “The bald and beady eyed man and the fascists”

The bald and beady eyed man and the fascists The bald and beady eyed manworks relentlessly to “save” Mother Russia from the fascistswho is saving Russia from the beady eyed fascist? Robert K. Stephen

RKS Poetry

The Current State of Canadian Healthcare Oh federal and provincial governments you had warnings about a healthcare system on the brinkBut you wanted to avoid an electoral stinkabout brazen governmental deficitsso make the cuts and let the health care system hit the pitsnot to mention the deregulation and lax enforcement concerning long term carehave youContinue reading “RKS Poetry”

RKS Poetry: 55 Years of Unhappy Father’s Days

55 years of vacant father’s days 55 years of no father to celebrate a special day withnever even a chance to say good-bye at a funeralas that unhealthy event was the thought of many in 1964not thinking grief could find any doorthe end result being numbness and an inability to processso grief leaks out piecemealperhapsContinue reading “RKS Poetry: 55 Years of Unhappy Father’s Days”