RKS History: So When Did Germany Start Losing the War?

“The fuel situation, as long predicted by the Wehrmacht military economic war office, was rapidly approaching a critical point. By early 1942, it would not be the Russian mud but the exhaustion of German’s petrol supplies that would ensure the “complete paralysis of the army”. In the event by dipping into the Wehrmacht’s operational fuelContinue reading “RKS History: So When Did Germany Start Losing the War?”

RKS History: Grumbling Housewives and the Gestapo

“The inapparent inability of the regime to guarantee either stable prices or a regular supply of daily necessities, including food and clothing, was deeply disconcerting. According to a Gestapo report, the popular mood in the autumn of 1934 was apathetic and gloomy. Irritation with the many petty restrictions of everyday life was widespread and outrightContinue reading “RKS History: Grumbling Housewives and the Gestapo”