RKS 2023 Wine: Quinta do Espírito Santo from Lisbon

You may know Lisbon as a wonderful tourist destination although unfortunately of late it is overrun by tourists. It is also a Portuguese wine appellation. The Quinta do Espírito Santo label has that annoying characteristic of not describing the grapes used in the blend instead stating it is made from “very ripe grapes of typicalContinue reading “RKS 2023 Wine: Quinta do Espírito Santo from Lisbon”

RKS Wine: Confidencial Reserve Rosé from Lisbon

Confidencial is a label of Casa Santos Lima. They make a low-priced red that is a real winner and one of those old-style red wines that needs some serious ageing to flourish. This rosé is from “more than 10 grapes” and the winery considers the types as “confidential”. I suspect that with so many varietiesContinue reading “RKS Wine: Confidencial Reserve Rosé from Lisbon”