COVID Poetry Corner: “Warn, Threaten, Frighten and Now Inspiration!”

Warn, Threaten, Frighten and Now Inspiration! So it has been over a year that COVID-19 Virus has held us prisonerwell that’s a neutral statement isn’t it?or is the jailkeeper the politico-medico cartel Threateningwarningfrighteningcajoling Now ladies and gentlemen of the Province of OntarioGet ready to be inspired to greater heights As our Ontario Minister of HealthContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “Warn, Threaten, Frighten and Now Inspiration!””

COVID Poetry Corner: “Just Another Two Weeks”

Just Another Two Weeks Yes our lockdown in Toronto has been extended for another two weeksthe battered spouse and the cancer patient awaiting surgery weepsour Toronto mayor says just be patient until the lockdown expires on March 8thsame old message on my mind is beginning to grate The politico-medicos have us imprisoned behind fear andContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “Just Another Two Weeks””

COVID Poetry Corner: “Where have all the stores and restaurants gone?”

Where have the stores and restaurants gone? Taking my pooch in Toronto for a distemper shot todayhave to keep that nasty virus away So no relaxing in a waiting roomlest I spread some deadly doom So I took a stroll in a once busy commercial neighbourhoodIf I couldI’d change what I saw as more thanContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “Where have all the stores and restaurants gone?””

COVID Poetry Corner : “The Prison sentence”

The Prison Sentence It’s been over a yearcowering by many in COVID fear Let me outta herebut oh no leave the house and B117 will cause my lungs to sear Realistically with vaccine delays aboundingwhy Pfizer chooses now to retool in Belgium is astoundingjust we when all hoped from stress we’d be rebounding politico-medico directivesContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner : “The Prison sentence””

COVID Poetry Corner: “The Brit Bug”

             The Brit Bug If Donald Trump, esteemed gentleman that he was, called COVID-19 “Kung Flu”this new B117 mutation of the COVID-19 virus can I call it the Limey Virus?being of British heritage please don’t throw me under the bus Whatever it is B117 unfortunately is not the only mutation in townrest assured a “YankeeContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “The Brit Bug””

COVID Poetry Corner: “The COVID Snitch”

The COVID Snitch Most of us decent human beings suffer from revulsion of government stoolies and spiesOh the government loves information on COVID cheatersand the hell with lockdown wife beaters Not wearing a maskin front of a judge you will bask Not maintaining the proper social distancethe stoolie will call and you won’t have aContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “The COVID Snitch””

COVID Poetry Corner: The Vaccine

          The Vaccine A plague was ravaging the nationVentilators and PPE were put on rationwith too many ended up at death’s stationas the medical system was facing asphyxiation The politico-medico elite was getting uptightthe politicos knowing they’d lose in an election fightdue to never ending lockdowns eroding civil liberties even curfews at nightall for theContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: The Vaccine”


COVID ANGER Entirely frustratedcivil rights have been castrated The state has put a lockdown in placemy hair looks like a creature from space Blitz the big boxso only groceries we can buyso very slycommerce and freedom good-byemanipulate me like a goat turdand you want me to smile along with the rest of the herd itContinue reading “COVID POETRY CORNER: “COVID ANGER””

COVID Poetry Corner: “Pence the Pussy

Pence the Pussy the loyal lieutenant for one Trump termbut ask him the invoke the 25th amendment he’ll squirm Trump called poor man for not supporting his coup a pussydemocracy for his boss nothing but a hussy Despite a noose set for the VP during the insurrectionto overturn the President was not his intention ItContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “Pence the Pussy”

COVID Poetry Corner: “Puppy School and COVID-19”

Puppy School and COVID-19 Treating your dog safely involves taking your little one to the puppy schoolundisciplined dogs can make you and the dog look like a fool Sitdownupstopgo Yet another lock-down COVID orderas whether it is democratic it is on the borderseemingly for the public goodand if caught the COVID police will treat youContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “Puppy School and COVID-19””