10 Steps We Can Take to Never Have a Year Like 2020: # 1 Reinforce Public Health

Again the Quebec magazine L’actualitê has an interesting feature article in its April edition dealing with COVID-19 and translated it means what are the steps we can take to ensure we don’t have a year like 2020? The first step is to reinforce public health. In 2015 Quebec cut the health budget by 30%. AndContinue reading “10 Steps We Can Take to Never Have a Year Like 2020: # 1 Reinforce Public Health”

COVID Poetry Corner: “Where have all the stores and restaurants gone?”

Where have the stores and restaurants gone? Taking my pooch in Toronto for a distemper shot todayhave to keep that nasty virus away So no relaxing in a waiting roomlest I spread some deadly doom So I took a stroll in a once busy commercial neighbourhoodIf I couldI’d change what I saw as more thanContinue reading “COVID Poetry Corner: “Where have all the stores and restaurants gone?””

“Ashes To Ashes”: Lynching in America

This documentary may help us understand the flare up of racial tensions in the United States. Winfred Rembert is a master leather-work artist working on creating 50 leather worked pieces wherein he is trying to explain his life. He worked in the cotton fields until he ran away at 14 from his rural hometown inContinue reading ““Ashes To Ashes”: Lynching in America”


We have all heard so much about COVID-19 from all levels of government throughout the globe. Incessant chatter it would seem. In my next serialized novel “Virus #26” you’ll witness my take on politics and COVID-19. The full impact of COVID-19 on us as individuals, on society, on the medical establishment and on the politicalContinue reading “Plagueolitics”